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How to measure your truck toolbox?

2019-06-19 15:35:08

 Whether you are a contractor, a construction worker, or just a convenient repairman. You also have a lot of tools, and you need a secure place to store and organize them while keeping them available. This is where the truck toolbox comes in.

  We provide different types of truck bed toolboxes to learn how to choose the right truck toolbox according to your needs.

   Trucks have a toolbox bolted to the bed. Why do so many drivers rely on these toolboxes?


Storage and organization

You may have a whole set of maintenance tools or outdoor equipment and groceries. With a truck toolbox, you can put all the tools and equipment in one place. Some boxes also have drawers and shelves, so that the tools and equipment can be put in and out neatly.

Waterproof and fireproof

By storing your tools in truck toolboxes, you can protect them from rain, snow and ultraviolet radiation, thereby extending their service life. Almost all toolboxes have rubber on the lower side of the cover, which provides a reliable rain and dust shield, so your tools remain dry and non-oxidized.


Theft prevention

Your tools are not just an expensive investment - they may also be the tools you use to put food in. If you value your tools, make sure you secure them with a locked truck toolbox to prevent theft.


With so many choices, what kind of truck toolbox do you need?

Loading capacity

The first thing to consider is how much capacity you need. If you often carry larger power tools and other large cargo on the road, you may want to consider a larger box, such as UTE Canopy Tool Boxes. If you want to use smaller tools and hardware more easily, choose a Utility Chest Tool Boxes .


Location and Tool Channel

When purchasing truck toolbox, cargo passage is also a problem to be considered. If your truck is often occupied, a side pack will give you full and easy access to your equipment, even if there is a complete bed. You can also try a general purpose toolbox or a bottom toolbox to minimize the need for stretching and stretching.


How to measure your truck toolbox

Truck toolboxes are usually built based on the type of truck you drive. You should check the inside dimensions of your truck bed and then decide on a box to check again if it fits. If you make the right measurements in advance, you can choose a toolbox that will make your bed comfortable and safe, without hanging by the bed. The following measures should be taken when selecting the truck bed toolbox:


Bed wall height (height 2)

Lateral Distance of Bed Rail (Length 1)

Inside distance of bed rail (length 2)

Bottom spacing bulkhead (width 1)

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