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UTE Canopies

Ute Canopy Aluminum Truck Tool Box with Jack Legs

Mode : KSC-TB2041
Size:2400x1800x860mm(L*W*H) Thickness: 2mm

Aluminum UTE Canopy Tool Box with Three Doors

Mode : KSC-TB2042
Size:1800x1800x860mm(L*W*H) Thickness: 2mm

Aluminum UTE Metal Tool Box for Trucks

Mode : KSC-TB2048
Size:1800x1800x860mm(L*W*H) Thickness: 2mm

Aluminum Tool Box For Truck

Mode : KSC-TB2046
Size:1800x1800x860mm(L*W*H) Thickness: 2mm

Aluminum Truck Tool Box With JackOff Legs

Mode : SKC-TB2043
Size:1800x1800x860mm(L*W*H) Thickness: 2mm

Waterproof Aluminum Truck Tool Box UTE Canopy

Mode : KSC-TB2044
Size:1800x1800x860mm(L*W*H) Thickness: 2mm

Kassico supplies high quality aluminium ute tool boxes, Ute canopies to electricians, carpenters, plumbers, builders, and campers at exceptional prices which are everything you could need for ute truck trailer, you can find the right storage solutions to protect your tools in the box for your work vehicle with our extensive product range. Our tool boxes are made from superior quality aluminium and designed with sturdy structure. This combined with our specially designed locks and accessories produces a product that is high strength,extremely secure, weatherproof with great appearance. our professional service, and experienced staff can help you find exactly what you need.