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Gullwing Tool Boxes

Aluminum Gull Wing Truck Tool Box 1775x400x400mm

Mode : KSC-TB6043
Size:1775x400x400mm(L*W*H) Thickness: 2mm

Aluminum Gull Wing Crossover Tool Boxes

Mode : KSC-TB6042
Size:1600x550x490mm(L*W*H) Thickness: 2mm

Aluminum Truck Tool Box for Pickup Storage

Mode : KSC-TB6041
Size:as custom Thickness: 2mm

Kassico Gullwing Tool Boxes are ideal for the tradesman who needs a taller box to store large items, generally mounted right behind the cab and take up minimal space in your tray, they also do not obstruct your view from the driver's seat. Dual lids allow you to access the box from either side of the vehicle. The Long length is handy for longer items. They are built tough and made to last.